Up to the 90’s the final artwork for a movie poster was hand painted, before it was replaced by Photoshop-created posters. In about 40 years of practicing his activity Casaro was one of the most popular painters for hand painted original-artworks, the pattern for posters for international films.

From the idea, the very first scribbles, sketches and designs up to the final motif – everything was worked out by himself. Many of the movie-posters created by him became cult-objects around the world. His work is awarded with the most important awards in the movie-poster-scene. And he conserved a big number of his original-artworks with care – today an impressive demonstration of his life-performance. The collection of his paintings for movie-posters includes more than 800 original pieces, including sketches and designs in very best conditions. A unique testimony of painted film-history and an interesting view behind the scenes.


for museums, special events, film festivals. We can offer you a most attractive arrangement from 50 up to 200 original paintings beginning with the first sketches up to the printed movie-poster, an evident demonstration about the creation of a movie-poster before the digital times.

The rights on the images, as far as there is no other written agreement, are kept by Renato Casaro. Please kindly take notice about the rights of utilization at Copyright.

It will be our pleasure to prepare you an offer on your request.

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Collection of

Original Paintings for

Movie Posters

by Renato Casaro

Action / Adventure / Crime

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Nr. 304

Der schwarze Korsar

Motiv 1

Nr. 305

Bad Boys Nr. 1

Nr. 306


Nr. 308


Nr. 309

Britannia Hospital

Nr. 310


Nr. 312

Farewell to the King

Nr. 328

Muro di Gomma

Nr. 329

Beyond Rangoon

Nr. 330

The Professor

Nr. 331

African Timber

Nr. 337

The Bounty

Nr. 339

Im Schatten des Wolfes

Nr. 348

Verne Miller

Nr. 361

Rendevouz mit einer Leiche

Nr. 373

Hot spot

Nr. 392

Die Rache der Ninja

Nr. 395

First Power

Nr. 396


Nr. 397


Nr. 398

Midnight ride

Nr. 400

Gold Ninja

Nr. 404

Ninja - die Tigerkralle

Nr. 405

Ninja die Schwertkämferin

Nr. 406

Laser mission

Nr. 420

Glitzernder Asphalt

Nr. 426

NINJA (mit Schwert)

Nr. 429

Der schwarze Korsar

Motiv 2

Nr. 685

Killing Car

Nr. 701

Osterman weekend

Nr. 704


Nr. 705

Dakota Harris

Nr. 706


Motiv 1

Nr. 707


Motiv 2

Nr. 708

Moon 44

Nr. 709


Nr. 816

Casaro Renato

Art Studio & Gallery


No. 363

Bad Boys Mot.2 

No. 307


No. 894

Bermuda Dreieck 

No. 350

Beyond the Kilimanjaro 

No. 327

Concerto per due assassini 

No. 319

Concorde  Mot. 3

No. 357 


Motiv 1

No. 354


Motiv 2

No. 355


No. 362

Cuba Crossing 

No. 382

Doberman Gang 

No. 349

Flying devils 

No. 906

Formel 1 

Motiv 2  No.352


No. 891

I ragazzi della 56a Strada

Motiv 1 No. 379

I ragazzi della 56a  strada

Motiv 2  No. 380

I ragazzi della 56a strada

Motiv 3  No. 381


No. 359


No. 371

Kill - La piovra. dai 7 tentacoli

No. 315



The Green Inferno 

No. 336