Up to the 90’s the final artwork for a movie poster was hand painted, before it was replaced by Photoshop-created posters. In about 40 years of practicing his activity Casaro was one of the most popular painters for hand painted original-artworks, the pattern for posters for international films.

From the idea, the very first scribbles, sketches and designs up to the final motif – everything was worked out by himself. Many of the movie-posters created by him became cult-objects around the world. His work is awarded with the most important awards in the movie-poster-scene. And he conserved a big number of his original-artworks with care – today an impressive demonstration of his life-performance. The collection of his paintings for movie-posters includes more than 800 original pieces, including sketches and designs in very best conditions. A unique testimony of painted film-history and an interesting view behind the scenes.


for museums, special events, film festivals. We can offer you a most attractive arrangement from 50 up to 200 original paintings beginning with the first sketches up to the printed movie-poster, an evident demonstration about the creation of a movie-poster before the digital times.

The rights on the images, as far as there is no other written agreement, are kept by Renato Casaro. Please kindly take notice about the rights of utilization at Copyright.

It will be our pleasure to prepare you an offer on your request.

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Collection of

Original Paintings for

Movie Posters

by Renato Casaro

Italian Comedies

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Casaro Renato

Art Studio & Gallery

Bello mio belleza mia

Motiv 2

Nr. 202

Bello mio belleza mia

Motiv 1

Nr. 203


Motiv nr. 2

Nr. 205

Bollenti spiriti

Motiv 1

Nr. 206

Amici miei - Atto I

Motiv 1

Nr. 208

Amici miei - Atto II

Motiv 1

Nr. 209

Io so che tu sai che io so

Motiv 1

Nr. 210


Motiv 2

No. 211

Finché c'é guerra c'é speranza

Nr. 212

State buoni se potete

Nr. 213

Uomini duri

Nr. 215

Cosí parló Bellavista

Nr. 216

Il piccolo diavolo

Nr. 217

Acqua e Sapone

Motiv 1

Nr. 219

Scuola di ladri

Nr. 220

Mi manda picone

Motiv 2

Nr. 226

Vacanza in Amerika

Motiv 1

Nr. 227

Ein Käfig voller Narren - Teil 2

Nr. 228

La Pulce nell'orecchio

Nr. 229

Vacanze sulla Neve

Nr. 231

Rimini Rimini

Nr. 232

Amarsi un pò...

Nr. 234


Motiv 2

Nr. 237


Motiv 1

Nr. 238

Grande magazzini

Nr. 245

Io so che tu sai che io so

Motiv 2

Nr. 253

A Mezzanotte va la ronda del piacere

Nr. 255

Amici miei - Atto II

Motiv 2

Nr. 256

Scusa se e poco

Nr. 257

Buone notizie

Nr. 259

La Liceale

Nr. 260

Testa o Croce

Nr. 265

Attila - Flagello di Dio

Nr. 268

Non ci resta che piangere

Nr. 270

Io e mia sorella

Nr. 271

Terno secco

Nr. 272

Polvere di stelle

Nr. 273

Acqua e Sapone

Motiv 2

Nr. 677


Motiv 1

Nr. 269

Sapore di Mare

Nr. 734

La Mazzeta

Nr. 735

Un borghese piccolo

Nr. 736

Signore - Signori

Nr. 737

L'anatra all'arancia

Nr. 743

Tango delia Gelosia

Nr. 766

Il Comune senso del Pudore

Nr. 768

Panama Sugar

Nr. 175

4 passi sul lenziolo Mot 2 

Nr. 196

4 passi sul lenziolo Mot 2

Nr. 197


Nr. 464

O Serafina Motiv 1

Nr. 269