Up to the 90’s the final artwork for a movie poster was hand painted, before it was replaced by Photoshop-created posters. In about 40 years of practicing his activity Casaro was one of the most popular painters for hand painted original-artworks, the pattern for posters for international films.

From the idea, the very first scribbles, sketches and designs up to the final motif – everything was worked out by himself. Many of the movie-posters created by him became cult-objects around the world. His work is awarded with the most important awards in the movie-poster-scene. And he conserved a big number of his original-artworks with care – today an impressive demonstration of his life-performance. The collection of his paintings for movie-posters includes more than 800 original pieces, including sketches and designs in very best conditions. A unique testimony of painted film-history and an interesting view behind the scenes.


for museums, special events, film festivals. We can offer you a most attractive arrangement from 50 up to 200 original paintings beginning with the first sketches up to the printed movie-poster, an evident demonstration about the creation of a movie-poster before the digital times.

The rights on the images, as far as there is no other written agreement, are kept by Renato Casaro. Please kindly take notice about the rights of utilization at Copyright.

It will be our pleasure to prepare you an offer on your request.

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Terence Hill / Bud Spencer

Action / Adventure / Crime

Adriano Celentano / Tomas Milian

Classics / Mickey Rourke

Fantasy / Kids


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Paul Newman

Monumental / War

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Collection of

Original Paintings for

Movie Posters

by Renato Casaro

Science Fiction

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Casaro Renato

Art Studio & Gallery


Nr. 448


Nr. 525

Enemy mine

Motiv 1

Nr. 526


Nr. 527

Master of Univers

Nr. 528

After shock

Nr. 534

Cherry 2000

Nr. 537

Flash Gordon

Motiv 1

Nr. 543


Nr. 547

The wizzard of Oz

Nr. 611

Flesh and Blood

Motiv 1

Nr. 636


Nr. 674

Enemy mine

Motiv 2

Nr. 680


Nr. 725

Flesh and Blood

Motiv 2

Nr. 755

Flash Gordon

Motiv 2

Nr. 770

Flash Gordon

Motiv 3

Nr. 771

Flash Gordon

Motiv 4

Nr. 772

Octopus - Blue Hell

Nr. 810


Nr. 524


No. 61